A Note to Children

Bird watching is an enjoyable hobby. It exposes the wonderful world of nature to us. The colorful birds with the enchanting life style and behavior are capable of entrapping any body, who takes a little interest to see them. Bird watching is a combination of an enjoyable outdoor exercise and intellectual activity. It gives a person fresh air, challenging game of identifying colorful world of beautiful birds and expanding awareness about the wonders of natural world. We invite all the young friends to this movement of learning through birds. About 52 non confusing common birds are identified for you to start with. Identify them using the field guides or the guide books we have uploaded. Register yourself online. Observe these common birds in your locality or wherever you visit. Upload your observations. Soon your observations and others observations will be visible in the output formats under preparation. Through the web you can identify the teachers and mentors nearby your areas to get more help in the process. Or you can directly write to us in the case of any doubt. We encourage you to ask questions based on your observations. We will answer you and the good questions will be displayed in the bulletin board of the programme. Welcome to the world of birds! Enjoy bird watching.