A Note to Teacher

Birds inspired humans from time immemorial. Even the stoneage men have drawn birds in their arts in the cave walls. For many centuries in the past, birds have inspired artists, and bird images are frequently used to adorn everyday objects. Through this project of Exploring Nature through Birds we wish to motivate young children around us to see nature through the medium of birds. In this process we wish to have you as partners. Anybody with a wish to learn and teach about nature and birds can enroll as a teacher. Here teacher means a person who have the wish to communicate the knowledge to our next generation. A teacher should try to learn more about this programme through the support of the central team from SACON. For that you may please register first as a teacher, use the web site to download the materials, read and learn. Any doubts about the programme you may ask us through email ( entb.sacon@gmail.com) or phone : 0422 2203115. Each teacher should encourage as many students to participate in this programme.